Friday, February 10, 2017

Brady's first soccer practice

Last night Brady had his first soccer practice. It was probably the cutest soccer practice ever. He plays on a team with some of the kids in his Bible Bear class. He had so much fun! He's still talking about it now as I post the pictures! He sat and listened when he was asked and did all of the drills. This wild child was made for sports. We should have watching soccer and big brother playing baseball soon!

Monday, January 9, 2017

366 Photo a Day Project

I did! I actually finished my 365 (actually 366) photo a day challenge!! Since I got so behind on posting them here, I made a little video of my favorite from each day. I am in love with it. It goes by pretty fast but if you have 4 minutes give it a watch.

Here are some collages of the rest of the year from where I left off from the last project post. Sorry for the blogstomp watermark. Testing before I buy.

Thanks for keeping up with us this year! Project 52 is coming this year!