Thursday, March 16, 2017

Brady's Spring Break

I know the week isn't quite over yet......we started potty training this week. I decided day one would be a good day to do my March hour by hour project (take one photo each waking hour). I mean, there is nothing cuter than a toddler butt or a little toddler boy in undies!

8-9 Something the never happens. He slept in!! (most of the week actually)

9-10 Post workout reading. After each book, he would stand up, hold his hand out to me and say "wait, wait, me get mere books."

10-11 Let the potty training begin

11-12 Doing some puzzles in our undies, in the entryway.

12-1 Looking for a snack

1-2 Looking for his magnets

2-3 Waiting....

coloring outside



5-6 Doing his homework

6-7 I had a session so I went hunting afterwards. 


He is doing so great with his potty training. We are four days in and have been able to leave the house the last two days with no accidents. Fingers crossed we are on the road to a diaper free world! He even woke up dry the last two days.

Tomorrow I think we go do something to celebrate this new toddler milestone!! 

Spring Break Zoo Trip

Last week, on Ethan's spring break, we went with our good friends to the Ft. Worth zoo. It was such a great day for it. All of the boys had a great day and the mommies survived 4 boys at the zoo. It was a traumatic day for B. While we were visiting the hyenas, Brady dropped his borrowed toy horse by accident. That poor horse didn't stand a chance against that hyena. It's been more than a week and I am still hearing about how the hyena ate his horse.

The little baby gorilla and his mom were so precious. They had sweet cuddles and she had that look of annoyance when the little guy wanting to jump down that rock. She would pull him back every time.

When B saw me taking pictures of the giraffes, he kept yelling "say eese (cheese) iraffes!"

These 4 boys are just the sweetest!

I hope these two stay best friends forever.

When you're traumatized by the hyenas eating your hold on tight to the new one.

Gearing up for Spring

Spring is pretty much here. Soccer is coming to an end and baseball is starting up for E. We have been having practice for a few weeks now. We are looking forward to some fun this season.

We have also had two separate spring breaks recently. Ethan's was last week and Brady's is coming to an end tomorrow. We definitely had more outside of the house fun with Ethan's. We went to the library, the Ft. Worth zoo, the park, and the movies. 

The zoo pictures next....