Saturday, August 20, 2016

Daily Challenge: Day 219-232

Well, we are 2 days and counting to Kindergarten and our summer fun ending. But, here is some of the things we have done to finish out the season.

Day 219: Today we went to our friend, Claire's, birthday party. What a fun idea to have it at an art studio. Think painting with a twist without the twist. So much fun! And I love that he gave the horse so many eyelashes. So full just like his.

Day 220: Fun playing at the train depot after his back to school session!

Day 221: Fun with Lucas at the pool

Day 222: Helping put Brady's train table together. Not a job to be taken lightly.

Day 223: Today was our last playdate before half of us start Kinder in a couple of weeks. We have all been together for about 4 years, give or take for some. We have built great friendship in both the kids and the moms. We are lucky to have such a great group! 

Day 224: Today was a great day for the splashpad.

Day 225: Today we went to the pool. We were all exhausted when we got home so we sat in bed and snuggled.

Ethan wanted to take our picture. It's a bit soft on focus but the perspective is awesome.

Day 226: This crazy boy.

Day 227: Weekly pigs in blankets with Dad.

Day 228: Playing footsies while watching Super Why.

Day 229: We had to get out of the house. Even if for only a few minutes.

Day 230: Dave and Busters and lunch with a couple of playgroup friends.

Their new hangout. I'm not sure why.

Day 231: Today was the first day of demo for the floors. Today was also the day that he decided to wake up at 5:45. So he was definitely exhausted and the car nap wasn't enough. But, these clouds were too fun to pass up with the little break from the rain. He wouldn't look at me and he wouldn't let go of his new bear, Milky.

Day 232: Today is World Photography Day. I wanted to do a fun shot outside with both kids cameras. But, I didn't have the kids until bedtime and it was raining all day anyway.

Until next week!